mardi 28 décembre 2010

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  1. Nous aVons besoin d'un Vrai "V".


  2. Bonjour Left, serait-il possible d'avoir plus de liens à propos des révélations de wikileaks sur la Tunisie?

  3. The western regional medical center calls for a massive blood donation for the many people who were injured in the recent infortunate events !
    For those willing to help please go to Avenue Habib Bourguiba (facing the Palmarium): 14h-18h
    Géant shopping center Parking lot: 14h-18h

  4. careful guys:
    y a des gas qui sont entrain de mettre du n'importe quoi ici rien que pour derouter toute discussion utile.
    ne tombons pas dans le piege

  5. ffff
    lots of shit here!
    u bastards who are smpaming this blog go away and don't come another day!
    u spammers are apparently brainwashed and u seriously think u should heart the efforts of the very few tunisians who had courage and start something nice for their country!
    shame on u!
    & god bless the real patriots and their efforts!